Richard X featuring Deborah Evans - Walk On By

A few years ago I got hooked on a song by Swedish electro pop singer, Annie -- Chewing Gum; a single played over and over again on MTV and inside Journeys Shoes in the summer of 2004, features the singer comparing relationships to chewing gum over a super fuckin catchy loop that sounds like somebody smoked a joint with a Playstation 2 and instructed it to make a simple pop beat.

A few years later, I got reminded of the song by something on the radio (I think Bulletproof by rapper The Game) and showed it to a friend. In my clicking, I stumbled onto another surprisingly dope Annie single: I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me. I know it's a tad cheese but the song seriously has you humming to it in like six seconds.


Anyway, after realizing I now liked TWO Annie songs, I immediately Googled the person who wrote them and discovered Richard X, a British songwriter/producer guy who's responsible for a number of British mainstream pop hits, most of which are a tad funkier than usual techno pop bullshit. I listened to a few of the tracks on a solo album he put out and basically was like "meh," until I found this weird, catchy but simple little ditty bopper. I don't know who Deborah Evans is but her sadness sounds delightful to my ears:


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